What’s in a name?

Fabric choices are vast, and so are choices for tiles, curtains, lighting fixtures, gypsum ceiling cornices, doors styles, paint colors and on and on! Join me as I discover what options are available to us and what works with our style when decorating our homes.

Just what is taffeta, toile or twill?

Taffeta: taf·fe·ta

noun \ˈta-fə-tə\

A crisp, plain-woven lustrous fabric usually made of silk but nowadays can be produced using many different fibers such as acetate, nylon, or rayon. Taffeta is a Persian word that means ‘twisted’ or ‘woven.’ It is famous for being very stiff and crisp, but is also very soft and smooth to the touch, and has a distinctive glimmery appearance. The fabric is considered to be of high quality, suitable for use in ball gowns, wedding dresses, and in interiors for curtains, upholstery, and wall coverings.


noun \ˈtwäl\

A French word that means cloth or canvas. Toile de Jouy, sometimes simply “toile”, is a type of decorating pattern consisting of a white background on which a repeated pattern depicting a complex scene, such as a couple having a picnic by a lake or an arrangement of flowers. The pattern portion consists of a single color, most often black, dark red, or blue, and sometimes green, brown, and magenta. Toile is most associated with fabrics – curtains and upholstery in particular – though toile wallpaper is also popular. Toile can also be used on teapots, beddings, clothing, etc.


noun \ˈtwill \

A textile weave in which two threads go in one direction crossed over by a single thread in the opposite direction, which gives the weave its characteristic design. The weave can also be far more complex depending upon the degree to which the weaver wants a design to show. Other forms of twill that usually benefit from two colors of yarn are the herringbone, and houndstooth twill. The twill weave tends to resist staining, because stains have a more difficult time adhering to the multiple thread use. Twill fabrics are often used for upholstery for this purpose. The best twills for use are those with the highest thread count, as this will increase the durability of the fabric.

Check, check, check. Now, which will it be?

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