Gilded & Silverized

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Silver and black, gold and black, white and gold, but silver and gold?? The rules of decoration once dictated that silver be matched with silver and gold with gold and never the two shall meet. While using one element does give a more traditional look, mixing them together isn’t always a no-no. In fact, more and more designers have been even showcasing items that mix the two elements within the same piece.

Metallics are all the rage right now, and adding an element of glimmer to your home décor not only lends an intriguing contrast but also offers a different visual dimension and elegance. Prized for their longevity, luster, and shine, silver and gold just command attention – no matter where you put them. From walls to furniture, to accent pieces, pairing silver with gold is a winning combination.

Mixing the two elements is encouraged but make sure you are using them in balance so that they blend well together. Consider going bold by mixing a big item with smaller accessories, such as marrying a gold tone wall with a silver mirror and floating console and more silver and gold tabletop accessories.

If you are ready to make a permanent commitment, consider painting your walls either a gold or a silver tone. If you paint your walls a rich gold, try adding a silver framed painting or mirror on the wall and install silver hardware such as faucets and cupboard knobs.

If you opt for a silver pattern, you can add gold table lamps for a golden hue, along with silver table top accessories.

Don’t feel like you should go all out right away though, if you are still unsure or undecided about the mix; build your confidence by introducing small hints of the elements to see how they play off each other.

Combining silver and gold in your accent pieces will create stunning results and are perfect to successfully connect the theme. Choose gold containers, a bowl that has both silver and gold on it, a side lamp with a gold base, or group a collection of pieces in both silver and gold on a silver coffee table, just mix and match items but make sure the two elements always stay in equilibrium.

If you have a large space, consider creating a separation of the areas by concentrating more gold in one space and more silver in another. Make sure though that you take a step back and look at the big picture to make sure the two sections feel cohesive since they are in the same space; keeping the wall treatment or curtains in both areas the same is one option to make the look harmonious.

So go ahead, break the rules and mix away for unique, glimmery results!

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