My blog is born! Starting this blog has been on my mind for some time;  i wanted to do it for inspiration, for learning about design aspects, for sharing ideas. So here’s the long and the short of it; my husband and I get married and six months later we move into our newly renovated 3 bedroom apartment. I close the door of the eventual baby room and focus my attention on decorating the rest of the space. Three months later I am pregnant with my first child and I open that closed door to prepare the baby room! The rest of the apartment will have to wait! Now, after another baby boy and six years in our cozy apartment, I can finally say we have a home. I have also come to realize that home decorating is a fluid, ongoing process that doesn’t necessarily end…ever. I find myself moving that baccarat vase from the coffee table to the console at the entrance to the dining table on a monthly basis, changing my living room cushions depending on the season, and moving my sidelamps from one table to another according to my mood that day! Along the way, I’ve read a lot, and seen a lot and I’ve also realized that there is still so much to learn…so now without further ado, let’s get these posts rolling!

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